Cotton ball Lights

Cotton ball Lights

What started in 2010 as a small FairTrade project with 5 employees, has in recent years grown into an organisation with over 80 employees.

The factory is located in Northern Thailand (in Chiang Mai). In this area, there is a high rate of unemployment and people have difficulty finding a steady income. Cotton Balls offers people good working conditions and a job with long-term prospects.

Herman and Neung are the driving forces behind the factory, called FairTrade Chiang Mai (FTCM). They make sure that all home workers are provided with sufficient raw materials, products are checked properly and all purchasing and shipping goes smoothly.

The salary they receive ensures that they can provide for their families and also improve their living conditions. Fair Trade Chiang Mai is the only production facility of Cotton Balls worldwide that is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization.

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